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Sun JH, Huang M, Fang Z, et al. Nerve bundle formation during the promotion of peripheral nerve regeneration: collagen VI-neural cell adhesion molecule 1 interaction[J]. Neural Regeneration Research. 2022, 17(5):1023-1033.
JournalNeural Regeneration ResearchIF(2021)5.135
ServicesRecombinant Protein ProductionSystemMammalian Expression
The DNA segment encoding the extracellular region of Ig-like domains (Leu20 to Val495) and that encoding the extracellular region of FnIII domains (Gln496 to Gly740) of human NCAM120 were inserted between the BglII and XhoI sites of the mammalian expression system vector proEM™ (DetaiBio, Nanjing, China)
Guo XF, Zhang YY, Kang J, et al. A bispecific decoy receptor VEGFR-EGFR/Fc binding EGF-like ligands and VEGF shows potent antitumor efficacy[J]. Journal of Drug Targeting, 2022, 30(3):302-312.
JournalJournal of Drug TargetingIF(2021)5.121
ServicesRecombinant Protein ProductionSystemMammalian Expression
After codon optimization, the full gene coding for VEGFR-EGFR/Fc was synthesized by DetaiBio company (Nanjing, China), then was inserted into the expression vector proEM.
Luo ZH, Liao T, Zhang YN, et al. Ex vivo anchored PD‐L1 functionally prevent in vivo renal allograft rejection[J]. Bioengineering & Translational Medicine. 2022
JournalBioengineering & Translational MedicineIF(2021)10.711
doi10.1002/btm2.10316ProductPD-L1 + APT542
ServicesRecombinant Protein ProductionSystemMammalian Expression
The protein amino acid sequence of rat-derived PD-LI and anchoring structure APT542 were codon optimized using MaxCodonTM Optimization Program (V13) (DetaiBio). The PD-L1 + APT542 gene was inserted into the expression vector pcDNA3.1(-) by wholegenome synthesis and double enzyme digestion. Accuracy of the final expression vector was confirmed by restriction enzyme digestion and sequencing. Finally, the vector was transformed into DH5a cells, and the plasmid was extracted using a plasmid extraction kit. The plasmid was then transfected into mammalian HEK293 cells for transient expression, and the fusion protein map-PD-L1 was purified using affinity chromatography.
Huang Y, Yu SH, Zhen WX, et al. Tanshinone I, a new EZH2 inhibitor restricts normal and malignant hematopoiesis through upregulation of MMP9 and ABCG2[J]. Theranostics, 2021; 11(14):6891-6904.
ServicesRecombinant Protein Production
Zebrafish EZH2(Detai Bio) / SUZ12(Detai Bio)
Xu WF, Che Y, Zhang Q, et al. Apaf-1 Pyroptosome Senses Mitochondrial Permeability Transition[J]. Cell metabolism. 2021, 33(2):424-436.
JournalCell metabolismIF(2021)27.287
ServicesRecombinant Protein ProductionSystemMammalian Expression
Human CASPASE-4-pcDNA3.1(-)-AMP-His(Detai Bio)
Human CASPASE-4-pcDNA3.1(-)-AMP-HA(Detai Bio)
Human CASPASE-4(1-90AA)-pcDNA3.1(-)-AMP-His(Detai Bio)
Recombinant pro-caspase-4-eGFP-His(Detai Bio)
Recombinant pro-caspase-11-eGFP-His(Detai Bio)
Recombinant caspase-4 (CARD)-Fc-HA(Detai Bio)
Xu WF, Zhang Q, Ding CJ, et al. Gasdermin E-derived caspase-3 inhibitors effectively protect mice from acute hepatic failure[J]. Acta Pharmacologica Sinica. 2021(42), 68-76.
JournalActa Pharmacologica SinicaIF(2021)6.15
doi10.1038/s41401-020-0434-2Productcaspase 4
ServicesRecombinant Protein ProductionSystemMammalian Expression
active caspase-4-GFP was ordered from DeTai Bio
Xia AH, Li X, Quan JJ, et al. Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rv0927c Inhibits NF-κB Pathway by Downregulating the Phosphorylation Level of IκBα and Enhances Mycobacterial Survival[J]. Frontiers in immunology, 2021(12):721370.
JournalFrontiers in immunologyIF(2021)7.561
ServicesRecombinant Protein ProductionSystemBacterial Expression
Rv0927c gene was synthesized and ligated into pET30a(+) expression vector (DetaiBio, Nanjing, China).
Xu S, Jing M, Kong DM, et al. Chitin binding protein from the kuruma shrimp Marsupenaeus japonicus facilitates the clearance of Vibrio anguillarum[J]. Developmental & Comparative Immunology, 2021(117), 103981.
JournalDevelopmental & Comparative ImmunologyIF(2021)3.636
ServicesPeptide Synthesis
A peptide synthesis service was offered by biology company DETAIBIO (Nanjing China),
Sun BQ, Xue YF., Du XL, et al. Identification of genetic determinants of hemolytic activity of Riemerella anatipestifer using random transposon mutagenesis[J]. Veterinary research, 2021(52), 19.
JournalVeterinary researchIF(2021)3.699
ServicesProtein purification
The soluble recombinant proteins rRiean_0317, rRiean_0653, and rRiean_1143 were purified by Ni-iminodiacetic acid affinity chromatography (Detai Bio-Tech (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., Nanjing, China)
Li X, Bai LJ, Zhang YH, et al. Novel GLP-1/anti-apolipoprotein B bifunctional fusion protein alleviates diabetes and diabetic complications in combination with low-intensity ultrasound[J]. Life Sciences, 2021(278):119549.
JournalLife SciencesIF(2021)5.037
ServicesRecombinant Protein ProductionSystemMammalian Expression
All bifunctional fusion proteins were entrusted to Nanjing Detai Bio Co., Ltd. for gene synthesis and recombinant protein expression with purity higher than 98%.
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